Flash Card Master Manual

Revision History
Revision 1.0 2008 January 12 Nithin Philips
Initial publication

Table of Contents

1. Flash Card Master License
2. Credits
3. Getting More Help
1. Introduction
1.1. What Is Flash Card Master
1.2. Walkthrough
2. Main Window
2.1. The File menu
2.2. The Edit menu
2.3. The Tools menu
3. Designing Cards
3.1. Card Designer
4. Editing Cards
4.1. Card Editor
4.2. Batch Entry
4.3. Formatting Text
5. Using Cards
5.1. The Reviewer
5.2. Taking Tests
5.3. Printing Cards
6. Tips and Tricks
6.1. Changing the color of fields
6.2. Merging files with different number of fields
A. Localizing Flash Card Master
B. Supported File Types
B.1. Card Markup Language (.cml)
B.2. Card File (.card)
B.3. Comma Separated Value (.csv)
B.5. LaTeX (.tex)
B.6. Flashcard Pro (.xfs)
C. Building Source
D. GNU General Public License version 3

List of Figures

2.1. Flash Card Master Main Window
3.1. Design Cards Dialog
4.1. Edit Cards Dialog
4.2. Batch Entry Window
5.1. Review Cards Dialog
5.2. Multiple Choice Test Dialog

List of Examples

4.1. All supported wiki formattings in Flash Card Master
B.1. A sample CML file
B.2. Sample TeX output