Appendix A. Localizing Flash Card Master

Steps to Localize Flash Card Master

  1. Download Language.resx (Contains all the strings that can be localized.)

  2. Download and install Global Resource Editor (Allows you to edit the .resx file.)

  3. Open 'Global Resource Editor' and click on LanguageNew Language. Menu and from the list choose your language.

  4. You can now add localized strings to the new column.

  5. Save the file by clicking FileSave Resource Set As.... When prompted to enter a file name use Language.resx. Separate .resx files for all your languages will be created. Spanish localization, for example, will be in

  6. If you have Visual Studio 2005 Check out source from sourceforge SVN and you can compile the .resx file into a DLL and test it out.

    If you don't have Visual Studio see You may need to install .NET framework SDK before following the instructions there.

  7. When you are done, E-mail the completed .resx to Be sure to include the name and email address (if at all) you want to be shown in the credits.

[Tip] Tip

Run Flash Card Master while you are translating so that you can see the context in which the text appears.

More Info

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