Flash Card Master can save data as an XHTML file, but cannot open it due to the inherent limitations of the format. Saving as XHTML will only make a copy of the opened file in XHTML.

The XHTML format is intended for presenting your cards. Using XSLT, you can customize the appearance of the XHTML file produced. To use a custom XSLT, save it as Style.xslt in the %APPDATA%\Nithin Philips\Flash Card Master\<Version> directory. On a typical system this is usually: C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Nithin Philips\Flash Card Master\<Version>.

[Warning] Warning

If your custom XSLT is malformed, the program may behave unexpectedly or crash. Be sure to test the style sheet (with an external tool or by making a dummy deck) before using it.

Please also note that when saving as CML files, Flash Card Master will write color values in argb() format, however CSS only supports rgb() format. You will need to manually convert argb() to rgb() or transform it somehow. This is not an issue when you save as XHTML files, because Flash Card Master will make the necessary conversions. See Section 6.1, “Changing the color of fields” for more details.

The default XSL stylesheet is available at http://flashcardmaster.sourceforge.net/cardml/1.0/transform