6.1. Changing the color of fields

[Note] Note

While you can still follow the steps here, in Flash card Master 1.0 you can change the colors in the Card Designer dialog. The only limitation of the UI is that you cannot set the transparency (alpha) of the colors.

If you save a deck as a CML file, you can manually edit the file using a Text Editor and modify the Field element.

    position="Top, Right"

forecolor specifies the color of the text and backcolor specifies the color of the text background. There are two ways to specify the color. One is rgb([0-255], [0-255], [0-255]) and the other is argb([0-255],[0-255],[0-255],[0-255]), which specifies an alpha channel value as well.

For example forecolor="argb(255,0,0,0)" and backcolor="argb(200,241,113,65)" will produce the following output.

Flash Card Master main window.
[Tip] Tip

Once you have made your changes in CML, you can save to CARD or XHTML formats and the color information will be preserved.