4.3. Formatting Text

Text used in all the fields in Flash Card Master can easily formatted to achieve desired appearance. Flash Card Master uses WikiText, a simple syntax used mainly in wiki software to format content. The wiki text grammar used in Flash Card Master was adapted from the Trac wiki.

WikiText is shown with formatting when Flash Card Master is displaying the cards. Flash Card Master can also convert the WikiText markup into XHTML format when you save a deck as XHTML (You must enable this in preferences).

All of the supported formattings are shown below. Please note that formattings cannot be nested (for example, there is no support to format some text as Bold and Underlined).

'''Bold''' or *Bold*
'''''Bold Italic'''''

The above input will produce:

All possible text styles as rendered by Flash Card Master

Example 4.1. All supported wiki formattings in Flash Card Master