5.1. The Reviewer

This is perhaps the most critical and most used feature of Flash Card Master. You can access it using ToolsReviewNormal or ToolsReviewShuffled. Normal will show the cards in order whereas the shuffled will show them in a random order.

Review Cards Dialog

Figure 5.1. Review Cards Dialog

You can use the Left and Right arrow buttons to move between card. The flip button will flip a card.

The smiley faces allows you to keep track of the cards you have learned. Clicking the Smiling face ( Smiling face ) will mark the card as learned and that card will not be shown when you run the reviewer the next time. The plain face ( Plain face ) represents a card that you have learned by may require more review. The sad face ( Sad face , default) will mark the card as not learned.

Checking the Animate checkbox will animate transitions. Uncheck this if you find it annoying.

If you want to review cards without having to manually click through each one, you can turn on the timer. You can control the timer delays in the Preferences dialog.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the Review Cards dialog.

Left or Right

Move to the next or previous card.

Up or Down

Flip the card.


Flips the card, if Front is visible. Advances to the next card, if Back is visible.