5.3. Printing Cards

If you want to review your flash cards away from the computer, it is a good idea to print them.

Flashcards are usually printed onto index cards, like the 3 in by 5 in or ISO-size A7. You can print on both sides of the card using your printer's duplex feature or flash card master's built-in duplex feature.

When duplexing, depending on your printer, you may have to flip the paper around midway through. Please note that some printers will not be able to print to index cards at all.

[Tip] Tip

Some printers set their duplex property to capabele, even though they cannot. You can enable Flash card master's duplex feature to manually print on both sides of the paper. Do do so check the "Manually duplex when priting" option in the Advanced tab of Preferences.

If you want to print out a list of the cards, save the deck as an XHTML file and use your browser's print function. We recommend Firefox because it produces better output than Internet Explorer.

You can also save the deck as a .tex file and convert that to PDF. On Windows you can use MikTeX and TeXnicCenter.

Finally, if you can write XSL style sheets, you can transform the data to a variety of formats that can suit your needs.