Flashcard Master 2 is currently being prototyped.
What would you like to see improved in Flashcard Master 2? Let me know: <nithin@nithinphilips.com>

Main Window

Flashcard Reviewer

Flashcard Master allows you to create beautiful flashcards. You can easily design, edit and print flashcards. In addition, Flashcard Master supports various data input methods, wikitext formatting of text, and facilites to learn/review materials. Flashcard Master goes beyond the simple Key and Value type flashcards and allows you to semantically and visually organize information. With support for a variety of common file formats, including a well-defined XML format, you can easily transfer information between Flashcard master and other programs or share with others.

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Supported File Formats

Format Read Write Example
Card (binary format) Yes Yes deprecated
CML (XML format) Yes Yes Example.cml
CSV Yes Yes Example.csv
XHTML No Yes Example.html
LaTeX No Yes Example.tex, Example.pdf
Flashcard Pro Yes Yes

∗ Support will be removed in the future. Use CML format instead.
† When saving to this format, some information may be lost.
‡ PDF generated from TeX using MikTeX and TeXnicCenter.


Flashcard Master needs translators. If you're interested, contact me


User manual is available online as html or pdf and a copy is included in the distribution.

Getting More Help

If you need additional help there is a mailing list, <flashcardmaster-info@lists.sourceforge.net>. You can subscribe or browse the archives.

Reporting Problems

Found a problem with Flashcard Master? You can report a bug at the project page.

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Main Window



Batch Input


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Preferences - 2

Preferences - 3

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Multiple Choice Test

Multiple Choice Test Results

What's Ahead

What would you like to see in Flashcard Master 2? Let me know: <nithin@nithinphilips.com>

Here are some screenshots:

The prototype main window

The prototype review window

What's New

Release 1.1 Known Problems:


The latest version is 1.1
Download: installer for windows (or see all files).