Chapter Word Meaning Derivatives
XXV lingua, -æ, f. tounge; language (linguist, linguistics, bilingual, lingo, linguine)
XXV ferox, gen. ferocis fierce, savage (ferocious, ferocity)
XXV fidelis, fidele faithful, loyal (fidelity, infidelity, infidel)
XXV geminus, -a, -um twin (geminate, gemination, Gemini)
XXV sapiens, gen. sapientis as adj.: wise, judicious
as noun: a wise man, philosopher
(homo sapiens, sapience, insipience, sapid, insipid, verbum sapienti, savant, sage)
XXV ultimus, -a, -um farthest, extreme; last, final (ultimate, ultimatum, penultimate, antepenult)
XXV dehinc, adv. then
XXV hic, adv. here
XXV ait, aiunt he says, they say, assert commonly used in connection with proverbs and anecdotes
XXV credo, credere, credidi, creditum + acc. or dat. to believe, trust (credence, credentials, credible, creed, credit, miscreant, grant)
XXV iaceo, iacere, iacui to lie, lie prostrate, lie dead (adjacent, adjacency, interjacent, subjacent, gist, joist, do not confuse with iacio, iacere)
XXV nego (1) to deny, say that...not (negate, negative, abnegate, renegade, renege, denial, runagate)
XXV nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum not to know, be ignorant (nice)
XXV nuntio (1) to announce, report, relate (denounce, enunciate, pronounce, renounce, nuncio; cp pronuntio, nuntius, -i,messenger)
XXV patefacio, -facere, -feci, -factum to make open, open; disclose, expose
XXV puto (1) to clean, trim; reckon, suppose, judge, think, imagine (compute, count, account, depute, dispute, impute, putative, repute, amputate)
XXV spero (1) to hope for, hope regularly + fut. inf. in ind. state.
(despair, desperado, desperate, desperation, prosper)
XXV suscipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptum (sub-capio) to undertake (susceptible, susceptibility)